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Hey Bronco Fans WAKE UP!!!!

20 Feb

I’ve been reading alot of comments on how Peyton’s the reason that the Broncos lost to the Ravens! He’s not the reason that the Broncos lost. One he was the main reason that they made the playoffs in the first place, and to hear some people say that Denver shoulda kept Tebow and not have gone after Manning in the 1st place is An idiot! Anyone who even mentions Tebow being any where near the level of QB Manning is just being a sore loser. Tebow had a decent year and yeah he won a playoff game but he will never be an elite QB or even an average player in the NFL. Even after his good year and playoff win  Elway knew like the rest of the NFL that  Tebow will never be a solid starting QB in the NFL and traded him away to the circus aka New York Jets where he couldn’t even beat out a rookie for the #2 spot and just turned out to be a PR stunt to try to compete with the Giants for New Yorks favorite NFL team. Secondly the CB and saftey should have never have let the WR to get over the top and when the CB was beat the saftey should have been in between the WR and the end zone it was a catastrophic defensive collapse of epic proportion!! Last but not least the worst game management ever from John Fox who had time left on the clock and a T.O. with one of the greatest QB to ever play the game at the helm and he tells Manning to take a knee thats flat out playing scared saying that the team was shocked and he thought that going to OT where if you lose the coin toss and they score a TD game over was in the best interest of the team. Peyton got  your team the #1 seed and bye and your paying him nearly 20 million a year yet don’t have any faith to let him at least try to get the ball with in feild goal range to at least attempt to win the game. I’ve been a Colts fan my whole life and have had the luck (no pun intended) to watch Peyton bring us back to win games in similiar fashion, but John Fox didn’t belive in the man Elway brought to Denver to win games and failing to use him in the fashion that he was meant for!! I’ve been reading comments blaming Manning for the loss with some fans even thinking that Manning was the one who chose to take a knee and go to overtime, and all of those people make me sick you don’t deserve to have Peyton Manning on your team and get the luxuary of watching Manning run the no huddle like no other QB in the history of the NFL reading the defense and switching plays on the fly to put your team in more often than not the best postion to win the game. You deserve to have Tebow back and watch him and his flat out ulgy mechanics running around until he finally throws the ball to a WR that Manning would have anticipated being open long before Tebow even starts to figure out whats going on!! Manning had Denver playing the best they have played since Elway, only to have the defense give up a 70 yard hail mary to tie the game then to have the head coach give up and waive the white flag and surrender the game with out a fight! If anything the rest of the Broncos failed to do their part of the game plan and expect Manning to make up for the way the defense played letting the Ravens tie the game and bad coaching/game management, HE DID HIS PART THE REST OF THE TEAM LET MANNING DOWN!!!!