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Arians leaving Indy, blessing in disguise?

23 Feb

    I belive that Arians getting hired as Arizona’s HC, and taking his offenve with him is a blessing in disguise. While hiring Pep could turn out to be the best move of this offseason.

    Arians offensive style of picking up large chunks of yards require a very good o-line, which the Colts didn’t have last season. Leading to Luck getting hit and sacked alot from having to hold the ball waiting for the plays to devlope. He was young so he was able to bounce back, but as a Colts fan I don’t like seeing my franchise QB taking all those hits. 

      Pep on the other hand runs the west coast hybird type offense, that consists of shorter routes for WR’s, and alot of screens and passes to RB’s and FB’s. This will lead to less int’s, sacks, and alot better QBR and completion % for Luck. The fact that Luck already knows the offense by running it in college for his last 2 years at Stanford where Pep was calling the plays Is just a bonus.